Friday, November 27

Clemson loses; Narcisse Dunk

The OP Stat of the Game: Bryan Narcisse Monster Dunk two.

I don't know if it was performance anxiety, jet lag, over-confidence, too much trytophan, or some type of holiday hangover.

Early on it looked like the Tigers would make short work of the Aggies; but somewhere about the six-eight minute mark, the Tigers looked complacent and assumed they would be able to mount a successful comeback. They fell behind early and the Aggies were relentless.

Here's the video highlight from ESPN

The best part is the Narcisse dunk.


Where were the freshmen?
When will Stitt get it together? 4 TOs, 5 PF?
Why won't Booker play for 40 minutes, not just show up for the game?
What else does Tanner have to do? Why won't anyone else jump in the game?

Of the game, Booker said,

"We came out in the first half and missed shots. We quit. I got frustrated. We tried to come back in the second half but we just couldn't It was physical in the first half, they outplayed us. In the second half we played better."

Re-read, "We quit. I got frustrated." This cannot be an answer if the Tigers are or are supposed to be a solid, legitimate team.

Today its Long Beach State at 5pm on ESPN, the U. I'll be on hole 36 at that time.

go tigers! (lower case)

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