Saturday, November 28

Tigers survive to play again in Anaheim

The OP Stat of the Game: Bryan Narcisse with the start.

Bryan Narcisse looking pensive. (CNNSI)

Game Notes:

Stitt stepped up in yesterday's game and Tanner continued his energetic play.
Jerai Grant did not play at all- sick, doghouse, other?
Narcisse made the most of his start with 10 points. He is the energy player we need in this tournament, even when he is not the player for the situation. He is good for the team.
Booker fouls again. I think he already has three for tomorrow's game.
D. Booker worked nicely in his minutes with eight points and five rebounds on 4-4 shooting.
The substitution rotation allowed six players to score in double-digits.
Jennings had the opportunities, but still looks hesitant and tentative.

OP shows LBST what he thinks of them- please. (CNNSI)

Tomorrow the Tigers take on their most serious opponent to date, Butler. A win against the Bulldogs would go along way to rectify the disappointing Texas A&M game.

Go Tigers!

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