Saturday, January 9

Clemson Basketball takes on BC Today

What: Clemson vs. BC
When: 4:00pm
Where: Littlejohn Coliseum, Clemson, SC
Watch: Raycom
Listen: WCCP-FM
Follow: Raycom

Yes,  ACC play for the Tigers has already started.
Yes, the Tigers were blown out of Cameron.
Yes, their offense has been sputtering.
Yes, they are still in early season form.
Yes, inconsistency has been the name of the game.

Now, the Tigers have a home game against a not very strong, but solidly coached team in BC. And while Clemson has not been consistent, they have shown that they are capable both offensively and defensively.

Should the Tigers be able to put two halves together, they could be a dangerous team, but right now, they are not playing as such. Check out OP's assessment of the situation here.

BC is been inconsistent thus far as well. They own a 9 pt win over the gamecocks, Michigan, Miami, but also have losses to Harvard,Rhode Island and Maine- all regional rivals.

They play hard-nosed Skinner defense behind the strong frontcourt play of Joe Trapani and Corey Raji. Additionally, they play big and methodical with several players fitting into the forward-guard and forward-center positions. The loss of Tyrese "Tutankhamen" Rice removes some of the toughness and speed they had last year, but again, Al Skinner is a past National Coach of the Year. He obviously knows what he is doing.

It could be a rough start to the new semester for the Tigers if they cannot play their game. Of course, right now, what is their game. Maybe they do need to play someone else's game. Who knows?

Either way, Trevor Booker has to show up; He has been notably absent in many of the games this season. Block-C speculates a little about this here. Stitt has to continue his dribble-drive penetration, but if someone doesn't slide open for the outlet pass- interior or outside, it could be ugly.

The Tigers should- that is should- win. And while this is only the second ACC game this season, it is imperative that the Tigers re-establish a mental and physical toughness that has been lacking thus far this young season.

Go Tigers!

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