Monday, January 11

Clemson rebounds against BC; Time for UNC

The OP Stat of the Game: 40 team rebounds, 8 blocks

OK, the BC game was fun. The Tigers demonstrated that they can play with emotion and fire- at least for most of a game.

Trevor Booker showed that he (still) can take over a game. -19 pts.
Stitt showed what we have lacked for the past few years- a scoring, slashing point guard.- 15pts, 4ast.
Potter showed that Noel Johnson needs to be the starter- 0pts, 2ast
Noel Johnson showed that he deserved to be.- 7pts, 3stls, 1ast
Milton Jennings showed that he isn't always clueless during a game- 4pts, 2-2FT
Devin Booker showed that he is still a work in progress.-8reb, 0pts.
Jerai Grant showed he is capable, but still has some work to do.- 9pts, 4reb, 3pf
Andre Young showed that despite his shot being off, he can still offer the team something- 5reb, 2ast, 1stl
Tanner Smith showed a nice recovery and heart- 15pts, 4ast

It was a team effort. That is what this crop of Tigers needs to keep doing. When one player is not playing well in one category, someone else needs to step up. This can happen. It happened earlier in the season, and it happened against BC.

Now, it is time for it to happen against UNC.

UNC survived a halftime deficit to VT last night and overcame their slow start to win by 14.
This year, the Tigers don't have to travel to Chapel Hill, where everybody knows what happens when the Tigers arrive.
This year, they come to Littlejohn and it is time for a Tiger victory over the Tarheels.

Of course, it isn't going to be easy.

UNC is relentless, even on their off days, even when they look lazy, always. Roy will find a way.  The Tigers might need to take a page from Bobby Cremins handbook.

If the Tigers are going to win, they have to be relentless. They have to want to win. And they have to want it more. They also have to want it for a full 40 Minutes- something that they haven't seemed to do during a few games this year.

Wednesday is quickly approaching. It will be a game between two ranked opponents. UNC seems to be limping a little, just as the Tigers are starting to get into a better rhythm. It will be difficult.

Not impossible- possimpible

Go Tigers!

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