Monday, January 18

Clemson travels down I-85 to take on GT tomorrow

Gaines Adams 1983-2010 (

It would be impossible to ignore the passing of one of the Clemson family's greats.
Thoughts and prayers to the Adams family.
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Requiescat in Pace, Gaines Adams
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Gaines Adams, 26, passes away Sunday morning

Per tomorrow's basketball game:

When: 7:00, 1/19/2010
Where: Alexander Memorial Coliseum, Atl, Ga
Watch: ESPN2
Listen: WCCP-FM
Follow: SCACCHoops, Gametracker

Stitt shoeless (Greenville News)
Stitt is questionable.

The Greenville News needs to learn some more verbs after this post NCSU game headline, "Clemson rolls past NC State" - rolls? Really. More like limps, sputters, nearly blows it, anything that expresses the near meltdown.

Who knows which GT team will show up. They are strong. They have wins against Duke, UNC, but losses to FSU, UVA. Still don't know what to think about UVA- surprising. Out of the ACC, GT has also lost to UGA and Dayton. They are strong and fast. Hopefully we will catch them off-guard after their big-ish win in Chapel Hill. GT played the Clemson role after the Tigers were done with it in Raleigh. They almost blew a 20 point lead, as the Tigers almost blew a 22 point lead.

Just as interesting as which GT team will show up will be how the Tigers respond to the loss, or potential loss of Stitt. Young played well, but the forward positions, less Booker, did not step up as needed in Raleigh. Grant needs to continue his strong play and Booker needs to keep his head in the game. If we can get some production from the forward position via Potter, Johnson, D. Booker, Jennings, or anyone else, we might be able to steal one from GT.

One thing OP will adjust will be the type of pressure. Young doesn't play the same type of defense as Stitt. Stitt is lanky and pressures the ball with his full body. Young plays low and plays the ball for a steal off the pass or a tip.

This could get ugly or it could solidify our team.

Go Tigers!

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