Tuesday, January 19

Clemson loses close game to GT, 66-64.

The OP Stat of the Game: Clemson; 9 Ast, 40 reb, GT; 17 Ast. 48 reb.

Truthfully, I thought the difference in the number of rebounds would have been greater. The Tigers did a good job of hanging in the game and showed that they can play hard, strong, and fast.

The fouls on Grant hurt the Tigers. With Jerai out, they didn't seem as comfortable going inside, which is what they needed to do. Both Lawal had 4 fouls and Favors had 3. We should have been able to exploit this with by feeding the ball down low to T. Booker, Grant, or any one else really.

Jennings got some of his most meaningful minutes of the season with Grant on the bench, but again could not make the most of it. He still seems to be struggling with the speed and physicality of the college game. He grabbed 7 rebounds, but was sort of pushed out of the way on several plays.

I don't know if Stitt re-injured his ankle or not, but man, is he tough. He is definitely becoming one of the ACC's premier guards. By playing like he did tonight, he demonstrated leadership that he wouldn't have been able to convey verbally.

Solid, Demontez.

Andre Young performed admirably as well. With both Young and Stitt on the court, the Tigers can play fast.

While I didn't like seeing GT just go over the top with their alley-oops, it was extremely positive to see in-game defensive adjustments to stop this and the GT speed.

And yes, the adjustment involved tightening the press, but still, this is something that Tiger fans have been requesting for some time. So, good job OP.

This is a disappointing loss, but shows that the team has resilience, strength, and that we can play with anybody.

I will have to think about this one some more.

It could have, and probably should have been at times, a much different game. However, the Tigers clawed their way back and stayed close- which I would have never guessed if I had not been paying attention to the score.

ESPN Box Score

Booker played well. D. Booker played well, at times, but needs to hit the FT clinic. Stitt is solid. Smith provided his consistency, and Young provided a spark. Jennings, Hill, and Johnson looked blinded by the game, the crowd, and the pace. They must have short-term memory problems- Remember @ Duke in Cameron. It will never be more difficult than that.

Now, its time for the Tigers to have some time back in Littlejohn- well, at least one game.

Next up, Duke on Saturday at 9pm.

It's ESPN gameday; so get there early- really early. Reserve a spot, be on tv,

Go Tigers!

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