Friday, January 22

OP welcomes Coach K to Tigertown

A Plumlee tries to stop T.Booker in last year's 74-47 win.

There is a game tomorrow night at 9:05 pm against Duke.
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ESPN will be there

All of the big ESPN-ish people will be there starting early- Littlejohn doors open at 8:30am: Rece Davis, Digger Phelps, Hubert Davis, Jay Bilas in the morning.

Then gametime brings us Dickie Vitale, Erin Andrews, Dan Shulman.

With that much talent, plus buses, satellites, cables, wires, etc, it'll be just like another day at the home offices in Connecticut.

In case you don't follow ACC basketball, this season is wide open. I imagine a situation much like a lottery ball selection show with each team's name on a ball. The balls could come out an in any order.

 ACC Balls.

Tomorrow night will be difficult. Duke, unlike UNC it seems, doesn't lose consecutive games. NCSU played strong in their win against Duke. They played like they did in the second half against us.

Duke did not show up with any energy or intensity. Coach K seemed to blame the scheduling and the fact NCSU had a long break while Duke was in a war.- And that they would be in another war Saturday night.

Dear Coach K,

Just a reminder, this is the ACC.

The OP Blog

After the NCSU win vs. Duke, I didn't see any backlash for a storming of the court,as was the case when Clemson beat UNC. I guess its ok for a school that perceives themselves as a basketball school and has two national championships to storm the court when they beat a ranked triangle school, as opposed to a charter member of the ACC that has been on the losing side of more contests against the "big four schools" than any other team to storm the court.

It all seems so clear now.

What really needs to be said about the game?
Game Notes from Clemson

Game To Do List:

Keep the foot on the pedal.
Be aggressive on offense. Their starters play major minutes, try to get them in foul trouble.
Be aggressive on defense. Mix it up: Press, zone, trap, box+1, etc.

Go Tigers!

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