Sunday, February 21

Clemson Throttles UVA 72-49

The OP Stat of the Game: Milton Jennings, 4-4, 11pts.

I know I could have chosen Jerai Grant 8-9 with 18 pts, but the possibility that this was Milton's breakout game is too much to resist. Milton Jennings played like the pre-season hype. If he continues on even half this pace, he has made big progress. His confidence has been building the past few games on the defensive side and now, hopefully, his confidence has switched to the offensive side of the ball.

Not only did Milton Jennings score 11 points, but Grant had a serious game. The refs, lead by Karl Hess, allowed the Tigers to play, which, of course, always benefits our style of play.

Potter forcing Landesberg right. (Greenville News)
The defense was on point yesterday, despite the fact they actually had fewer steals and TOs created than usual. OP had the team well-prepared. More importantly, though, the team was hitting their shots. Grant and T. Booker down created space down low and when the ball was kicked out the bench was able to step up hit jump shots, threes, or drive and dish, as the team had 18 ast vs. UVA

Here's a UVA recap and the full boxscore

Of the game, Grant said, "“It's just being on the floor, straight up playing the game,” . “I used be in foul trouble a lot, but staying out of foul trouble keeps me on the floor, and staying on the floor has made my confidence soar.”

It also helps that when refs let the Tigers play their game. Clemson had 6 fouls, UVA had 14. Defensively, the Tigers did not have to rely on the press throughout. They used it to set up tight man-to-man.

This three game stretch came at just the right time. And the Tigers handled it with aplomb, going 3-0. Even Tony Bennet's crooning could not stop the Tigers.

So, here's what you got to do. You've got to clampdown and squeeze. Then, pull and twist. (Greenville News)

WTF? (Greenville News)

Check out the rest of the Clemson/UVA photo gallery, notice 26% female shots out of 163. They found the fans down low and didn't show any of the empty seats up top.

Nonetheless, now the Tigers play another road-weary team in Maryland. The Terps are coming off an emotional, last second, two last shot, win vs. GT. Remember Grievous Vasquez and his Stitt comment? Here's what Booker had to say:
“They didn't think Stitt being out was a factor,” Booker said of the Maryland team. “(Grievous) Vazquez said something in the newspaper about, ‘Who's Stitt?' or something like that.“When we get up there,”  “he'll find out who Demontez Stitt is.”
On Wednesday, it will be time for the Tigers to let the Stitt out against MD.

Go Tigers!

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