Saturday, February 13

Miami is in Tiger town and there's snow on the ground

Clemson Snow
What: Miami vs. Clemson
When: 12:00pm
Where: Littlejohn Coliseum
Watch: Fox Sports Network
Listen: WCCPFM

This is another crucial game in the three game home stand for the Tigers. Starting 2-2 would do a lot to continue the success of the FSU win. As it stands now, though, the FSU game looks more like a fluke. 

At the same time, Clemson played they way OP and Clemson basketball fans knew they were capable of playing. David Potter's resurgence is one of big reasons for the FSU win. His mental outlook is sharp and focused, "I've got to play every game like it's my last because I'm not going to be able to come back next year and get this back. I want to go out with a bang. We're back in the hunt to go to the Big Dance; we've just got to stay focused and keep moving on to the next game."

Make it Bang! Potter.

Miami has been inconsistent, but they are coming off a big win against GT. They have not been especially impressive; however, the hurricanes are not going to blow into town and roll over for the Tigers. They are still  struggling to find the replacement for Jack McClinton.

On the Clemson side, guard play and outside baskets will be necessary for the win. With these two components in working order, the necessary space will be cleared for Booker (Trevor and Devin) and Grant. While they ball will be cycled through Booker, everyone needs to show up. It would be a nice time to see Tanner Smith regain some of that drive and stick-to-it-ive-ness he showed early in the season. He looked to be one of the most improved players, but is not playing at the same level he was earlier in the season. With Tanner back, DP3 back, Stitt at 100%, Andre "The Little Giant" Young finding his rhythm, and the front court trio of Booker/Grant/Booker working together, this team could develop into the NCAA-bound team we all want them to be.

Before that happens though, we will need to see another complete game from the Tigers.

Students shouldn't let the snow stop them from attending the game. It didn't stop VT. Make Littlejohn Loonie (again).

Here are some links to help get you prepared for the today's game:
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To the future,

Go Tigers!

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