Wednesday, March 3

Senior Success for Potter and Booker as Clemson defeats GT 91-80

The OP Stat of the Game: Trevor Booker and David Potter Four successful years in Clemson

Clemson Students salute Potter and Booker (Greenville News)

This is Clemson Basketball, Orange Suede and all.

            David Potter and OP (Greenville News)                                          Trevor Booker and OP (TigerNet)

Every year since Potter and Booker arrived on the Clemson campus, the team has improved. While some believe the squad and the program has plateaued, I would argue that this team, even this late in the season, is still improving and performing in a top 25 manner. Per the program itself, being mentioned and discussed in national terms is something that has rarely occurred for Clemson, despite having 99 years of basketball.

For fans to expect Clemson to turn into UNC overnight, or even over a couple of years is ridiculous. Clemson is ever-improving, despite any missteps, a la Illinois/Maryland, this team or program has. In the past, those games were immediately chalked up as losses. Now, because of increased expectations, every game the Tigers play, they expect to win. The profile of Clemson Basketball is higher now than maybe ever- at least in terms of national media.

All of this aside, last night's win was huge for Clemson. They have now won 5-6 of their last ACC games, less the Maryland game. The Tigers currently stand in third place inthe ACC  and are playing well going into the NCAA tournament. They have made a big statement by winning in Tallahassee and (hopefully) stamped their tickets or whatever to the NCAA with the emphatic win over GT. They have separated themselves somewhat from the logjam in the center of the ACC. Here's a link to the stats, boxscore, etc. from the big home win.

While the Tigers might not yet be assured of a first round bye in the ACC tournament, they are poised to make that happen. Watch this game review from Raycom:

Trevor Booker performed like it was his last game in Littlejohn with 21pts and 9reb, while Potter played the game like his last as well shooting 3-6 from 3pg to finish with 11pts.

Here's some more Trevor Booker love in the form of a profile from Raycom:

Now the Tigers wait until Sunday for Wake and the end of the season.

Tonight is a big night in the ACC for the Tigers, even though they aren't playing, as FSU and Wake match-up tonight.

Go Tigers!

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