Monday, December 10

The ACC begins and Oliver Purnell's blog is updated.

The ACC season is on. And last night, BC and MD went down to the wire. It seemed every time I left the room, the team with the lead had changed. I wonder how much of the blame for MD's loss Greivis Vasquez puts on himself? Who gets a double foul? Oh, Greivis, that's right.

Here at the OP headquarters, here are a few links I have missed from the past few days.
Coach Purnell has a new entry on his blog.
An interesting textmap of connections to Oliver Purnell on the internet.

And in case you missed it, NCSU lost to ECU. The first ACC school ever to do so. Does this say more about the negative state of NCSU or the upswing of ECU? I would have to ask Terrence Oglesby for an answer to that one.

Until the end of Exams!

Go Tigers!

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Vince/ said...

Yes, NCSU lost to ECU. It happens. Maybe if they hadn't had the opportunity to warm up with Clemson, who knows. It is what it is, but "It's easy to forget that Duke, during its first few seasons under Mike Krzyzewski, looked awful at times as players struggled to adapt. Roy Williams' first team at Carolina was occasionally awkward, and that was with a virtual NBA lineup." Doesn't every team go through a rough patch every now and then?

The quote above comes from this. I must say I furrow the brow with all this "Oh my God" attitude towards this loss. It seems "unbelieveable". Let ECU have its day. Good for them. Must be the moon, or whatever is in the water in Pitt County. But believe me, this is not the first time State did something out of the ordinary. I believe in a balance. Bad things happen and good things happen. We'll just have to wait and see.