Friday, November 7

Clemson Tigers defeat USC-Aiken 94-60

A svelte Trevor Booker moving the ball up court- via the Greenville News

The OP stat of the Game:
32-41 FT%- that is an amazing 78%.

While this is only an exhibition game it was interesting to see how the team adjusted. Clearly, this is a different team. The ball went through Booker much as it did last year with Mays. The PG position was split between Andre Young and Demontez Stitt. OP experimented with the new center Catalin 'Bobo' Baicu, but Karolis Petrokonis actually played more minutes.

And while the Tigers forced 24 turnovers, they had 22 turnovers. Booker had 15 points, 8 rebounds, 2 blocked shots and 2 steals and was 0-2 shooting three pointers. Yes, three pointers. He seems to be trying to open up his game beyond the paint. Should he do this, he really will be one of the most intimidating players in America.

It was an exhibition game- including the referee's calls. OP made a brief comment about it in his post game interview. He prefaced it by saying he didn't think he would get in trouble for speaking about this crew: Jamie Luckie, Dan Stryfller, Steve Coleman. He said they must have been working out some of their kinks and getting back into the groove as the teams were. For example, Jerai Grant was called for 4 fouls in 7 minutes of play.

Otherwise in the game, it was sloppy, slow, but entertaining.

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