Tuesday, December 29

Tonight the Clemson Basketball preseason ends

What: Clemson Tigers vs. SC State Bulldogs
When: 7:30
Where: Littlejohn Coliseum, Clemson, SC
Watch: only in person.
Listen: WCCP
Follow: SCACCHoops

Ok, so the Tigers take on SC State tonight. This could be a dangerous game if the Tigers look past the Bulldogs toward the opening of ACC play. Otherwise, it will get out of hand quickly, early and hopefully continue throughout.

SC State played Iowa close in Iowa, but Iowa is 5-7. So, nevermind. Both the Tigers and the Bulldogs defeated Furman, SCST in OT, 93-91 and  Clemson, 82-53.

This is your last chance to see/listen/follow a definite and/or probable win. After this game, the difficulty increases exponentially with the start of Clemson's ACC season against Duke in Cameron. I can assure you K will have the Blue Devils watch last year's 74-47 blowout Clemson win. He spoke like that was one of the single most embarrassing moments in his coaching career.

Well, until then, take care of business with the Bulldogs.

Go Tigers!

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